Technology Fails. A Guide to Getac Warranties.

Technology fails.  That’s the reality.  Whether an accidental drop, a missing screw, or a sudden blue screen, things happen.  Luckily, the majority of manufacturers offer some variation of warranty protection.  As public safety departments make investments (both monetary and time) in new technology, warranty coverage is important to consider during the evaluation and product selection process.  

With that, today we’re going to talk about: 

  • What is a warranty?
  • Warranties for Public Safety Technology
  • Use case: Getac Warranty

What is a warranty?

A warranty is a guarantee from a manufacturer promising to repair or replace a damaged product within a specified period of time.  Although there is a clear definition of what a warranty is, the details and specifications vary depending on the manufacturer.  The key points of warranty coverage are:

  • Time period.  When does coverage begin and expire? What voids coverage?
  • Point of contact. Do you contact the seller or manufacturer directly?
  • Is the product repaired, replaced or refunded? What action is taken? 
  • What exact parts and issues are covered? 
  • Does it cover consequential damages? 
  • Are there conditions or limitations?

Warranties for Public Safety Technology

Since a lot of tech pieces come together to outfit a fleet and the nature of public safety work, it’s inevitable that something will need repair.  It’s beneficial to evaluate each manufacturer’s warranty coverage and process during the buying process.  This helps to ensure that coverage is adequate for your specific department’s uses.  For example, will the computers simply be mounted in vehicles and at desks or will they be out in the field in different conditions? 

Use Case: Getac Warranty

The standard bumper-to-bumper Getac warranty is the best out-of-the-box style warranty offered in the industry.  Getac has simplified and standardized its warranty to minimize downtime and maximize ROI.  Highlights of the standardized Getac warranty: 

  • Time period: 3 or 5 years
  • Point of Contact: Log into the Getac Service System for the service application. 
  • Repair Process: After logging in to the Getac Service System, follow the instructions for sending the unit back.  Getac utilizes FedEx Logistics.  This provides a fast, convenient and reliable service.  Simply drop the device off at a FedEx Dropoff location, and it heads to Memphis, TN.  The centralized location aids in having turn-around in as little as one day.
  • Repair Parts: Certified Getac repair specialists will diagnose, repair, re-image and upgrade services with genuine, original Getac parts.  

In today’s digital and technological forward world, not having a device impacts critical operations.  Warranties add an additional layer of coverage and protection for one-off situations, even though public safety products are held to rugged standards. Ensure your investment is maximized and downtime is minimized with proper warranty coverage. 

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